real bride advice

Wedding Wednesday: Real Bride Advice Volume 1



Jordan and Philip – Hayes Hollow at Hidden Falls Wedding

Married on October 6, 2019

An exciting new series on the blog with real bride advice from my past brides. Helpful tips for current brides planning their dream wedding.

real bride advice

How did you decide the vision for your wedding?

My venue was such a wonderful canvas, that I knew all I needed to do was enhance the
space with florals. I have always preferred clean lines and a modern, romantic feel,
so I knew that keeping things simple and letting my venue speak for itself would be best.

real bride advice

real bride advice

What’s the number one piece of advice for couples just starting to plan their wedding?

Discuss your guest list. The number of people attending will most dictate a lot of
your budget. If you have an idea of how many people might come, you have a better ideal
about what venues can accommodate your guest count, and will give you a realistic
idea about what you will end up spending on “per person” items.

Tell me about your dress! How did you and it and how did your feel in it on your big day?

I saw my dress on BHLN’s Instagram about a year ago. It was a photograph of the model
walking up some grand stair case. The way the light caught all of the sparkles and ombre’
nature of the train struck me. I knew I had to have it. It was the first dress I tried on,
and I knew it was the one for me. — I felt amazing in my dress on my wedding day.
I felt like my dress was an extension of how special and sparkly I felt on the day.

real bride advice

With so many priorities for planning a wedding, what is the one thing you are glad you invested in for your
big day?

Hands down I am glad I invested in photos. They are the only thing that you actually
get to keep after the big day. Looking back on my gallery, I am able to remember
our day and how special it was. I don’t remember how the food tasted, or the music
that was played, but the photos I will treasure forever.

What was the most unique part of your wedding?

My bridesmaids wore dresses that they already had and it ended up being the perfect blush and mauve palate.

real bride advice

Besides marrying the love of your life, what was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

I most remember how much I enjoyed spending the morning getting ready with all of my girls.
It was so special to be in a room filled with the women that I love the most
Our hair and makeup girls said that it was the most positive bridal suite that
they have ever been in. That was a huge compliment to me.

real bride advice

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I think I would have added a video component. One of my favorite parts of weddings
are the processionals, and I missed mine. The photos help a ton with the feeling of
missing out, but I would have liked to see how the music worked with everyone walking in.

What surprised you most about your wedding photography experience? Any photography related wisdom
you’d like to pass along to other brides?

I was a pleasantly surprised with how many different settings we would be photographed in.
I have seen other bride’s photos that only seem to hit one note. I was happy that we have such great variety.
real bride advice

Anything you’d like to share that wasn’t asked? Do Tell!!!

Keep your wedding your priority. Make your decisions and be confident in them. If you
spend months on Pinterest or Instagram comparing what you have chosen to others,
you will set your self up for disappointment.

Venue: Hayes Hollow at Hidden Falls Photography: Amy Odom Photography

See their full wedding blog post here:

Jordan and Philip

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