If It’s Got To Do With Telling Love Stories,
I’m Your Girl.

You love a good trend but know a true classic never goes out of style.
You’re a romantic – you love date night, a good meal, and a great cocktail. But, it’s the quiet gestures that mean the most.
You love with your whole heart. You pour love into those that mean the most to you.
You’ve got a silly side with an unforgettable laugh and a smile that lights up the room.
You believe in working hard and playing harder.
The two of your dream of trotting the globe together – hand in hand.
Family is everything. You are excited to celebrate with the ones you love most.
You know more than anything, you are building a life together. Your wedding day will be the beginning of your legacy together.

meet amy

You’re Getting Married!!!

Well, it happened. That sparkly ring slipped right on your finger and fit like a dream.
You found the kind of love that will last a lifetime

Cue the happy tears.

you want wedding photos that feel like you 

You're not a fan of awkward stiff posing. You're worried that you won't feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera.
You love a mixture of classic portraits of you and your love, and a hefty dose of those candid moments with your family and friends.  

I Got You!

This is where I come in with a glass of champagne in one hand and a camera in the other.

Walk with me through the journey.

Although I’ve always been a creative, I haven’t always been a photographer. My career path started in nursing. To be exact, I was a Labor and Delivery nurse. Rewind to my birthday eight years ago when a gift from my hubby landed me with a camera in my hand. Whoa!!! I quickly became obsessed with that thing. Little did I know how much that black box of aluminum and steel would change my life.

My photographic style emerged from my love for romance, soft pastel tones, neutral color palettes, beautiful textures, travel, books, and art. I love a good mix of old and new, and modern yet traditional. My mind is always creating. Confession: I’m crazy about creating mood boards that inspire my soul.  My work is  influenced by the qualities of my clients and their unique stories.

I’m a wife, mother of two boys, and doggie obsessed. We have three of the sweetest Boston Terriers.
 Too many? No way!

I’m fortunate enough to do this gig with my love! My husband, Dan, is my full-time business partner and second photographer. We are blessed with a beautiful marriage and love celebrating our couples at the beginning of their journey together.


My work is influenced by the qualities of my clients and their unique stories.





My Favorite Things

"I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful touch you added to our wedding day!"  - Danielle