On Trend Wedding Hairstyles for the Timeless Bride


wedding hairstyles for the timeless bride

Wedding hair is so pretty! There are so many types of wedding hairstyles for the timeless bride to create your perfect wedding day style. If you’re a bride planning your wedding day look, I imagine the endless possibilities can seem a bit overwhelming. I’ve seen so many beautiful hairstyles, and there appears to be a variation of four basic styles.

The Up-Do. This is a classic look through and through. It’s an elegant style that offers a ton of variation and the ability to add interesting details. They can be sleek and sophisticated or done in a looser, more relaxed fashion. Both are gorgeous! They also lend well to adding details like flowers, ribbons, and other hair accessories.

Half Up, Half Down. This is another lovely trend with so many possibilities. The part that is up can be braided or twisted and embellished with all sorts of interesting hair accessories while the bottom is left loose and flowing.

Side Swept Braids. The side-swept braid is laid back and romantic with a more casual, natural, or boho inspiration. The twist looks lovely in a french braid, fishtail, or classic plait.

Soft and Loose. Wedding day hair that is kept down in long and loose curls is perfect for a natural bride, to showcase luscious long locks, or for a the more casual, boho, or beachy bride. Hair that is kept down is beautiful when the wind blows and creates a sense of movement.

Things to consider when choosing your wedding day hairstyle. 

What is the feeling you want to portray? Are you timeless and classic or more fun loving, girl next door type?

What type of hairstyle best suits your dress? The neckline?

Do you mind if your hair is in your face or do you want it up and out of the way all day?

With all the endless choices, you’ll look stunning no matter what you decide.

Do you need more inspiration? Follow my Pinterest board here.

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