Temple Texas Newborn Photographers


Temple Texas Newborn Photographers

Samuel…An Incredible Birth Story

This sweet boy came bursting into the world with quit an amazing birth story!

It was a typical Tuesday for Johnson family. Then, about 4 pm, Libby’s water broke. Over the next few hours, her contractions increased with frequency and intensity pretty quickly.

By the time they left the house to drive to the hospital the contractions were 4 minutes apart and unbearable to talk through. The highway was stacked with construction traffic making impossible to drive at the speed limit. Feeling the need to go to the bathroom, they pulled over at a gas station. It was difficult to get out of the car, and to the bathroom, with the intense contraction, Libby was experiencing. Ironically, the gas station was full of off-duty firefighters. One of them made a light-hearted joke that he could deliver the baby right there if he needed too…uh-oh!

Once inside the bathroom, Libby had an uncontrollable urge to push. A woman in the bathroom with Libby went and got her husband, Greg, and one of the firefighters. The paramedics were called and Libby was loaded into the ambulance and whisked away to the nearest hospital. “I can’t believe how protected and watched over I felt. I had complete peace about what was going on.”

On November 28th at 11:38 pm Samuel Judah was born just 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital. “I pulled him up to my chest. It was an amazing, surreal experience that I will never forget. We saw immediately that he was a boy (since we waited to find out)!! I loved looking at his sweet little face all wide-eyed and almost shocked at what had just happened! He was 9 pounds and 4 ounces, and 22 inches long.”

Welcome to the world, Samuel Judah.

Greg and Libby, congratulations and thank you for sharing your sweet boy and incredible story with me!

Temple Texas newborn photographers

Temple Texas newborn photographers

Temple Texas newborn photographers

Temple Texas newborn photographers

Temple Texas newborn photographers

Amy Odom is a fine art newborn photographer serving the entire Central Texas community. Her style is organic, classic, and timeless with all the focus on your new baby.

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