2018 Vision Board and Planning


2018 Vision Board and Planning

If you know me at all it’s no secret that I’m a little bit woo-woo. Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon the idea of vision boards from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and The Secret.  These goal-manifesting collages of curated pictures have been credited as a thoughtfully clever creative weapon.  The theory is that in order to attract what you truly want you must see it, feel it, and personify it with everything you have. It isn’t enough to just make the board. I’ve had the intention and inspiration to make my own vision board for years but never got around to it. Well, this year I decided to jump all in and give it a go. I made my board with a mix of images that represent things I’d like to do, have, and achieve in the year ahead.  Now, I have it hanging where I see it every day. A constant reminder of the goals I have set for myself. At the end of the year, I will reflect back and see what actually materialized.

Interested in making your own vision board?

Here are the steps necessary to create your own vision board:

  1. Make a list of the areas of your like that you’d like to improve on…family, health, business, travel. The sky is the limit here!
  2. . Head on over to Pinterest or grab a heap of those old magazines and grab images that genuinely inspire you in each of the areas listed above.
  3. Arrange the images on your board before taping or gluing them down. Take the time to make it visual eye candy. You will be looking at this every day!
  4. Hang your board someplace you will see it all the time. I hung mine in my office where I work. A constant visual reminder of what I’m moving toward achieving.
  5. Identify with it. The notion here is that the more excited you get about what you want to create, the more likely you will attract it into your life. This is the principle of The Law of Attraction.

How to plan and make a vision board

vision board

vision board

vision board






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