Bridal Details Checklist

The Bridal Details Checklist

Wedding Planning

I know you’ve spent months choosing every little detail of your wedding day. You’ve meticulously chosen everything from the shoes to the jewelry, to the floral you chose to tell the story of your day.  The bridal details are the first thing I capture at the start of the day, and before the bride adorns herself with all her adornments. It’s the perfect time for me to capture all those little details before the craziness of the day starts and I find it relaxing and it gets me into the flow of the day! Gathering all these items ahead of time and having them ready to go when I arrive is ideal. Time for this must be scheduled into the wedding photography timeline. I’ve been sending a bridal details checklist to my brides for years!

The Bridal Details Checklist


Bridal Details Checklist

Do you have a special heirloom item like your grandmother’s wedding ring or a special handkerchief that is a part of your wedding? Include them with your bridal details to be captured! Pictured above are Carrie’s grandmother’s bible and beaded purse. She carried the bible with her down the aisle.

Bridal Details Checklist

Be sure to also include all the envelopes with your invitation suite so that I can capture the entire design! If you had calligraphy or any special lettering was done on your invitations, have an extra copy made for me to photograph! You can use a fake address or even the address of your venue! I love photographing the rings on the invitation as well.

Bridal Details Checklist

Would you like to display your ring in a gorgeous luxury velvet box that will also serve as an heirloom for future generations? Consider investing in a gorgeous Mrs. Box for your ring! You can purchase a color that coordinates with your wedding colors, and even have the beautiful box monogrammed with your new initial.


  1. Have the bouquets, boutonnieres, and loose florals delivered to your getting ready location 30 minutes before I am scheduled to arrive to ensure they are ready to go when I get there!


I hope this helps you as you gather these items for your wedding day and gets you excited about these photos!

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