writing your own vows

Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

Wedding Planning

So, you want to write your wedding vows. The vows that you make are the heart of your wedding day. They will be spoken to each other and witnessed by your family and friends. Whew! That can seem like a ton of pressure. Never fear, to help you get started, I’ve collected some tips for writing your wedding vows that will have you ready to wow your future spouse.

writing your own vows

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Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

Collect Your Thoughts.

Grab a pen and paper, turn on some music, pour a glass of wine (or two), and set aside some time to reflect on your relationship. Let your thoughts and feelings flow. This is a no editing zone, just let it all flow out and onto the paper. Take some time to brainstorm the big and little details and moments that surface to your memory. Write them down.

Tell A Little Bit of Your History Together.

Chances are many of your close family and friends know you, but it’s always lovely to look back. Still, there are instances where distant relatives or co-workers will appreciate a glimpse into your relationship.

Say, I Love You.

Just do it! Yes, this is a given, but say it anyway!

Share A Special Memory.

This is a great time to share a funny story, say what you thought the first time you laid eyes on him/her, or mention a meaningful time he/she stood by your side.

Get Inspired.

It’s perfectly fine to look for inspiration from a favorite movie line, a verse from a poem, or your favorite song lyrics. The options are endless!

Actually, Make A Promise

Your vows are your commitment to each other, so don’t forget to make a genuine statement of that promise.

writing your own vows

You’re Ready To Write!

Now, take all your thoughts and ideas that flowed out of you and make them into coherent sentences. This may take more than one sitting. That’s fine. Get the first draft on paper and then walk away. Let it marinate and come back to it in a day or two. Make the revisions and let it go.

Make A Clean Copy.

Yep, think about how your vows will look when they are pulled out and read in front of the masses. You may also want to consider re-writing your vows in a beautiful vow book. Your officiant can hold them for you until it’s time to put them to good use.  These personal and hand-written vows make treasured keepsakes.

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