Posed newborn photography- Austin newborn photographer

The Art of Posed Newborn Photography


Thoughts From An Austin Newborn Photographer

Posed newborn photography- Austin newborn photographer

My journey into the art of posed newborn photography started in 2013. What a journey it has been. A long and hard learning process. Sometimes when I look back on it, it’s overwhelming to think about how much I didn’t know. My first attempt at photographing a newborn was challenging to say the least. The results I got were far from the dreamy photos I had envisioned in my head. But, that set me on a trajectory to learn everything I could about the art of newborn photography.

The Path To Perfection

My first attempts were far from perfect….abysmal if I’m truthful. I soaked up every ounce of education I could get my hands on. I watched online videos, went to in-person workshops, and reached out to my peers who were where I wanted to be. I asked questions, researched, and practiced on anyone willing to share their baby with me. I did have one huge thing I used to my full advantage, twenty plus years of experience as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Prior to newborn photography, I’d handled hundreds of babies and was very skilled in safe handling practices. Those skills have served me well.

Finding My Way

When I began my journey, I looked to the newborn photography industry for guidance and direction. I focused on what I saw my peers creating. I created that too. After all, isn’t that what I was supposed to do? Isn’t that what the people wanted?! I placed my newborns in buckets, and baskets, and elaborate setups. I scoured every antique store, hobby lobby, and flea market for the perfect prop to place a baby in. Whew! In five years, I had gathered quite the collection. Every session I focused on perfecting one new pose, and I was proud of what I was accomplishing. The parents loved the images I was creating. But the truth is, I wasn’t. That type of imagery didn’t speak to my heart. In my eyes, it didn’t showcase the true beauty of my clients babies. It wasn’t what I wanted to create. And so, I quit. Don’t get me wrong; there was fear in that decision. Lots of FEAR. Who would hire a newborn photographer that strayed from the norm? But, I proceeded anyway. I removed every image from my website showcasing the type of work I no longer desired to create. I had conversations with all my potential clients about the new direction of my work. Some were on board, and others went looking elsewhere. But, I held tight and prayed the right people would see my vision. And, I’m so grateful for those that did.

The Destination

Here I am…creating art that speaks to my soul.  Here I am, crafting my own interpretation in the art of posed newborn photography. It’s been two years since I made that change, and it was the best decision. I’m happy with how my work has evolved. It’s truly me. And, I’ve found  a tribe of beautiful people who connect with my creative angle. I no longer have to explain myself. It just is. It’s so right what they say, “the riches are in the niches.” If I’ve learned anything through the journey it’s this…don’t be afraid of what you desire. I long to create simple newborn images. My work is focused on the newborn and all of their perfect tiny details. My art is a combinations posed and baby led. I let the baby lead the way.

Now booking a select number of newborn sessions for 2020. Contact me HERE today and let’s chat!

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