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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your getting and giving out a little extra lovin’ today!

In the spirit of the day I want to share with you some of my favorite things I’ve been using and loving.

  • Savor: Living Abundantly Where you Are, As You Are ~ This is a 365 devotional journal by Shauna Niequist. I start my mornings everyday with a great little sound bite to think about. Shauna has an easy writing style and she makes you feel like you’re having coffee with a friend.
  • Young Living Essesntial Oils ~ I know these have been around for a long time but I will admit I was slow to try these out. Oh man! I’m completely addicted to them now. I’m slowly learning about them and all there wonderful uses and benefits. Peppermint is my go to oil in my diffuser when I need to work. I use lavender in the diffuser at night to help me sleep and I’m crazy about a warm bath of lavender and Epsom Salt after a workout. It’s a total spa treatment at home.
  • The Day DesignerTo say I’m a planner is a total understatement. I plan out everything. If it’s not in my planner it doesn’t get done, everything from going to the gym, to work, to nights out with frineds. I’m so neurotic about it I can’t go to bed without the next day’s top three to do’s planned out and ready to tackle. There’s something so satisfying about checking things off. Please tell me I’m not the only one!
  • Farmgirl Flowers ~ I discovered this company on Instagram. They are not your traditional run of the mill online floral company. Have you ever ordered flowers online and the recipient received nothing like what you ordered? Yah, me too. They offer one daily arrangement fresh from the farm and what you see is what you get. Gorgeous!
  • Headspace ~ Ok, I’m going to get a little woo woo on you. This is an app for your phone to guide you through some easy meditation. Meditation isn’t new but the science behind it is starting to catch up. There are some positive benefits for anxiety, stress, sleep, cognitive function and so much more. I’ve been trying to add this to my daily practice and I feel so much better when I do it.
  • Zella ~ Between newborn photo sessions, chasing toddlers around the park, going to the gym, and spending hours behind my computer I live my life in leggings and yoga pants. These are the best! The fabric is amazing, not see through, and they pass the squat test. Half the price of some of those other lovely brands but even better…holla!
  • Evy’s Tree ~ This is another favorite Instagram find. These are incredibly luxurious hoodies…yep, hoodies. Another staple in my wardrobe. Get yourself one, I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Earth Booties ~ My favorite shoes I’ve purchased all season. I wear them with my leggings and long hoodies mentioned above, skinny jeans, and dresses. They are stylish, cute, and comfortable. What more can I say?!
  • Tarte LipstickI’ve been living in this lipstick! It has a great texture, it’s light, moisturizing, and a little minty. Golden pink is my fav!
  • This Is Us ~ I’m not much on watching tv, occassional binging on Netflix is more my style. But, I loooove this show. Oh my gosh! I don’t think I’ve made it through an episode yet without shedding a tear. The writing, so good! If you arent’ already watching, what are you waiting for?!

Whew! There ya go, some of my current favorites.

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