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A Happy Ending | Killeen Texas Newborn Photographer

The Loza Family

The story I’m about to share goes back to 2014.

I first met Sarah during her pregnancy with Ambriel. Over the course of 10 months, I became very close to this family, photographing Ambriel three times throughout her short life.

Two months before her first birthday she unexpectedly passed away leaving Sarah and Joe, and their family with devastating grief.

Through their loss and strength, they generously donated a newborn session to a deserving family in the name of their daughter.

In Sarah’s words, “I feel everyone deserves to have these first moments captures of their babies and donating this session in my daughter’s name will help her memory live on through others.

The Loza’s chose a family, and the proceeds were donated to the March of Dimes in Ambriel’s name.

The Loza’s gifted the session to a beautiful boy named Rhett.

Later, Rhett’s mommy and daddy paid it forward and gifted a session to a little boy named River, and once again Ambriel’s memory lived on.

The Loza’s moved to Georgia, and Joe and Sarah had a healthy little boy named, Jensen. He’s the cutest little man and looks just like Sarah!!

Now, back in Texas, they had baby number three. A beautiful little lady who looks just like her sister. I’m not gonna lie. There were moments I had to hold back the tears. But, they were always tears of joy, for the life that was and the life that is now before me.

Sarah and Joe, thank you for the years of friendship and sharing your life with me.

What a blessing you all have been to me.

All my love, Amy

Meet Camellia

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

Killeen Texas newborn photographer

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