Focus Friday Rosemary Beach


Focus Friday Vol. 4

Focus Friday Rosemary Beach

headshots  by Lindsey Rogers Photography

Focus: (v.) to concentrate one’s attention.

Focus Friday Rosemary Beach ~ Vol. 4

It was a fantastic week, friends!

This week, I have a story to tell you about a little social app called Instagram (maybe you’ve heard of it?…lol). If you know me you know, I looooove Instagram.

The story begins like this. At the beginning of the year, I received an instant message from Lindsey Brooks Photography. She explained that she was reaching out to me and five other lovely photographers she’s been following on the app. She was looking to put together a group of “business besties.” A group that we could reach out to via phone, email, and text, to share community in this world of photography, bounce ideas off of, and in general support one another. We all said “yes,” and over the course of several months, we grew a friendship and a bond over our love of photography.

Late one evening during a group chat Lindsey Rogers Photography mentioned that we should all get together for a girls trip. The plans happened quickly and, six weeks later we found ourselves meeting up for a weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida.


  1. Hugged in person for the first time.
  2. Stayed up too late.
  3. Dipped our toes in the ocean.
  4. Relaxed on the beach.
  5. Shopped.
  6. Shared a cocktail…or two.
  7. Swapped new head-shots for each other.
  8. Photographed some amazing sessions together.

I walked away with 5 strong, kind, talented, lovely ladies in my corner. Thank you for an incredible weekend! In the meantime, I’ll be blowing up your phone with texts!

We already have plans to do it again next year.

And if you want to check out my insanely talented friends, here they are:

Lindsey Rogers Photography

Lindsey Brooks Photography

Hannah Swain 

 Corey Johnson Photography

Shawna Bielat

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