Newborn Photography ~ Posed vs. Lifestyle



Newborn Photography ~ Posed vs. Lifestyle

As a newborn photographer I offer two types of photography, in studio posed newborn sessions and lifestyle sessions in the comfort of your own home.

There are benefits to both and what you choose is up to you and your style.

What’s the difference?

In my studio work, newborns are carefully posed while they sleep using acquired skill and careful technique. To obtain these types of images, timing is everything. These sessions are done before your newborn reaches 14 days old. Why? They are still very sleepy, fetal-like, and are able to be molded similarly to how they were in the womb. These sessions generally take longer 2-4 hours) to allow for feeding, diaper changing, and settling into new poses. These sessions are heavily focused on the newborn and all their delicate new details. I photograph all my studio work in my in-home studio in Copperas Cove where I have everything we need to capture your new miracle and provide a great experience for your baby’s first professional photo-shoot.  These are perfect if you don’t want to worry about prepping. I take care of everything for you.

In newborn lifestyle photography, the focus changes. The session is strongly focused on the newborn with the family and in their natural environment. Timing is less critical, and these sessions can be done up to a month or older. These are perfect for showcasing the family connection, the beautiful nursery etc.. This type of photography is more of a “story-teller.” For some, this is also more convenient. You will not have to pack up your entire family to come to the studio…I come to you! These are also perfect if you have a nursery you’s like to showcase and a bright and airy home. Also, these are great for incorporating younger siblings. They are often more relaxed in their own environment.

Connection. No matter which type of session you choose the connection with your newborn will be captured. However, the resulting image is entirely different. Both are equally beautiful, what you prefer is entirely up to you.

As a newborn photographer, I love both types of sessions and offer my clients the choice to choose what’s perfect for them and their situation.


Full Session here.

Newborn Photography ~ Posed vs. Lifestyle


Full session here.

Newborn Photography ~ Posed vs. Lifestyle

Amy Odom is a Central Texas newborn photographer serving the entire community to include but not limited to Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, Temple, Salado, Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park and more.

Now accepting newborns and their families through the end of 2018! 

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