Dear Avery | A Letter on Your Birthday


Dear Avery,

Today, you are fifteen. FIFTEEN!

I can’t help but pause this morning, as I think about our plans to celebrate you tonight, and look back through the years and the amazing young man you have become.

You came into this world with your own agenda. You were in a hurry to get here, sending me to the hospital in the middle of a cold winter night. I spent a long 4 weeks on bed rest because you couldn’t wait to make your presence. You finally got your way and made your entrance three weeks before your due date. In the wee hours of the morning you filled the delivery room with your hearty cry that made my heart explode. The second thing I noticed was that crop of unruly jet black hair. You reminded me of the cutest baby monkey, and forever more, you will always be my “Monkey.” That head of hair still has a mind of it’s own with your rebellious cowlicks, untamed by any hair gel on the market.

You had a strong will from day one and the two of us have survived some crazy antics and tremendous tantrums. More than once you put on wild display for all of the public to see that led to tears from both of us. Some of those days left me with wanting to put myself in time out instead of you. But, we both survived. I know in my heart your strong will and determination will take you far.

Over the years you have mellowed like a fine wine and are now one of the most laid back people I know. I’m not sure exactly when that tide turned, but it did.

You have always had the biggest heart. It’s one of my favorite things about you. One hot summer evening you came into the house, red faced and teary eyed, with a dead garden snake in your hands insisting we take him to the vet. You are loyal. You are quick to comfort and have compassion for the people around you. We will celebrate tonight with your posse of life long friends gathered together. These are the days and these are the things that matter most. Never forget that.

You are my last born child and it’s both joyful and selfishly hard to watch you grow. I want to let you spread your wings and keep you close all at the same time.

You have blossomed into an amazing young man and I could not be more proud of you and who you are becoming. It makes my heart swell beyond words.

Happy birthday, Monkey.

I love you. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.
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a birthday letter to my son

Amy Odom is a fine art maternity, newborn, baby, and young family photographer located in Central Texas and serving the entire community including but not limited to Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, Belton, Temple, Waco, and Austin.





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