Pure and Minimal Newborn Photography



Pure and Minimal Newborn Photography

pure and minimal newborn photography




These words, pure and minimal, sum up my approach to newborn photography.

It all stems from the birth of my own children. I would look at them for hours in wonder and amazement. I soaked up every little detail of their perfect little beings in an attempt to never forget. I never wanted their faultless tiny details to slip from my memory. I loved the way they smiled in their sleep, the soft downy hair on their shoulders, their tiny fingers, and the sweet way the stretched when they woke from their milk induced slumber.

This is why I don’t use props.

Babies are complete just the way they are. They don’t need anything else. They are enough, just the way they are. I want your flawless baby to fill my frame and be the center of attention. This is why I choose to use soft shades, cozy linens, and beautiful textiles to frame your baby. Nothing will distract from their perfection.

While I do use an element of posing in my photography, I will never place your baby in an unnatural or uncomfortable position.

What to expect.

When I photograph your baby know that:

I will snuggle your baby.

I will keep your baby warm and safe.

I will create a gallery of images that will endure the test of time. They will never become outdated. You will remember all the details of your baby because I will capture them.

They’re only this little once, and it goes by in what feels like double time.

Don’t miss it.

I’m now accepting select newborn session through the end of 2018.

Contact me HERE for more information.

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Amy Odom is an Austin Texas newborn and lifestyle photographer with a pure and minimal approach to her newborn photography. She serves the entire Austin area to include but not limited to West Lake, Bee Caves, Old West Austin, West Lake Highlands, Barton Creek, Balcones Park-Mount Bonnell, and Hyde Park.

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