A Photo Walk at Star Hill Ranch | Austin, Texas


Life get busy and the days can just slip away with one running into the next if we don’t stop to catch our breath.

Sometimes, my soul and my creativity needs a break from the daily grind. A chance to slow down, look around, and embrace the beauty all around me that I somehow manage to overlook.

My creativity gets stifled if I don’t take the time to work on it.  I find inspiration everywhere. It helps to step away from my normal shooting niche and try something new. It helps to see everything in a new light and bring more joy and change to my present work.  Last week I had the opportunity to take a Color Inc class that was offered at the picturesque Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas.

I also really enjoy being around other creative people who share my passion for photography. Every time I shoot with other photographers I’m amazed at how we all see the same thing so differently. It’s a metaphor for life. We are all different. We all have different perspectives and points of view, even when it seems we are looking at the same thing.  In return, they help me see things in a new way…win win. The human brain is fascinating that way.

So, off I went on my own little photo walk at Star Hill Ranch. No pressure, just shooting what I see, intentionally looking at my surrounding. It truly is incredible what you see when you stop long enough to notice. This is something I’m really working on doing in my own life…slowing down. I’m not going to lie…I struggle with this daily but I’m choosing to give myself grace and be aware that I’m trying.

So my friend, give yourself some grace, slow down, and spend a little time smelling the roses.

a photo walk at Star Hill Ranch

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