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A Note To My Love On Your Birthday

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My Dearest Husband,

Today I want to write a note to my love on your birthday.

Seventeen years ago you walked into my life and swept me off my feet. Less than a year later we ran off to Las Vegas and said “I do” in a little chapel on the strip. Less than a year after you packed our family up and we went off to Germany where we welcomed a little boy.

What a whirlwind we were on.

Oh, how little did I know how wonderful life was going to be. We’ve raised to amazing boys, you’ve fathered them well and I can see them modeling you as they grow into young men.

What a role model you have been. You have an amazing mix of gentle guidance and tough love that inspires me as I’ve watched you navigate your role as a father.

You’re my forever love. You have always treated me with love and respect. You encourage me to chase my dreams and go after what I want. You are selfless in your quest to care for your family every way you know how.

I’m blessed to do life with you. Today we will gather with friends and family to celebrate you.

This is the picture I wanted to post of you today, nothing fancy, posed, and unreal. This is you and how I see you. Perfect to me and perfect for me.

Happy Birthday, my love.

A note to my love on your birthday


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