4 Reasons To Do Engagement Photos


4 Reasons to Do Engagement Photos

Congratulations! You just got engaged, and now your head is swirling with all the wedding planning! You are probably wondering if an engagement session should be a priority on your long list of plans. If you ask me, the answer is absolutely an YES!!!!

Here is a list of my top 4 reasons to do engagement photos.

  1. Get to Know Your Photographer. Most wedding photographers offer engagement sessions and for a good reason. It’s the perfect way to spend some time with and get to know your photographer BEFORE the wedding day. Your photographer will spend hours with you on your wedding day documenting every critical detail. It’s essential to establish a comfortable relationship beforehand. An engagement session is a perfect way to bond!
  2. Get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding. Most people feel nervous in front of the camera. It’s normal to get those little butterflies when your in front of someone’s lens. Getting in front of your photographer’s camera before your wedding day will help you feel more relaxed and natural on your wedding day. This will result in more natural photos.
  3. A chance to express yourselves as a couple. Engagement photos are the perfect way to show who you are as a couple. You will be dressed in your regular clothes to showcase your personality. Choose a location that means something to you both. Are the two of you free-spirited and outdoorsy or artsy and sophisticated?
  4. You’ll have photos for wedding benefits. There are so many ways to use your engagement pictures during your wedding planning. Many couples use them for save the date cards, their wedding website, guestbook, thank you cards and so much more! If you plan to use your engagement images for any of these, the best time to do the session is 8-10 months before the wedding!

BONUS! It’s so much fun!!!

Have I convinced you yet?!

If you have decided an engagement session is right for you, I would love to chat with you about checking that off your list! If you’re thinking about engagement photography, you’re probably also thinking about wedding photography, I’d love to talk with you about both!

CLICK HERE to contact me and let’s get started!

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