We believe in love

I say “we” because the love of my life, Dan, is a big part of my team and we capture your wedding day together. He is my right hand, my one-step ahead of me assistant , and my second shooter. We’ve been married almost 17 years and together we can’t wait to share the beginning of your legacy together.

We believe in the forever love, the kind that lasts through the good times and the bad, the sickness and the health, and every day in between. We believe in the small everyday things that sometimes go un-noticed, the way he still opens the door, insists you walk on the inside, and can finish your sentence. We believe in the love that appreciates that he drinks beer but you prefer wine. For each other, you are the soft place to land after a difficult day. For the first time, you know what home feels like.

We believe that everything that makes love beautiful is imperfectly real and raw.

We believe that wedding photography is an investment. We believe in things that are made to last a lifetime just like the two of you. That’s’ why we create authentic timeless images of your wedding day to be treasured by your children and grandchildren one day. It’s all about your legacy.

If you, like us, love outdoor garden inspired weddings, believe in marriage from the “I do” to the 50 year anniversary, and all the moments in between we have similar souls, my friend.

We take a limited number of weddings each season and getting to know our couples is super important to us. We want to make sure we are a perfect fit for one another. Honestly, we don’t believe you deserve anything less. We are based out of Austin, Texas, but love to travel wherever your love story takes us.

Wedding Collections begin at $2500 Contact us for more information.