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10 Things I Know at 48 | A Birthday Post

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My mom has always said time flies. It’s especially true the older we get. She could not be more right.

Where does the time go?

If we are not mindful…it will just go.

This weekend I  celebrated my 48th birthday surrounded by the people I love most in this world.

I thought I would be bothered by getting older but the truth is I’m not.

Age comes with wisdom, courage, and strength. I finally know who I am. I’m comfortable with who I am…flaws and all.

As wise friend once told me we learn about ourselves by asking questions and having the patience to grow into them.

I’m still growing, this I know for sure. A journey I hope lasts my lifetime.

Life is a beautiful gift and the older I get the more I appreciate the perfection in the imperfection.

An ordinary life can be an extraordinary life.

It’s funny how picking up a camera has taught me to see this.

There’s something magical about my camera. It allows me to see my world differently, to grab hold of the beauty of my everyday life.

I’m learning to “see” life in a whole new way through my lens.

10 Things I know at 48.

~ Wake up thankful. Thankful for another day. Another chance to do it right.

~ Home is a feeling not a place.

~ Laughter is contagious.

~ Happiness is made.

~ Life is not perfect. Some poems don’t rhyme. Some stories don’t have a clear storyline.

~ Live out of desire not circumstance.

~ Tea (or coffee) should be drunk with two hands.

~ Be kind. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, including yourself. Be kind to yourself.

~ My husbands voice gives me peace.

~ Children can sometimes teach you more than you teach them.

I want a life that makes me laugh out loud. I don’t want to get to the end and realize my life was collection of wishes I never made come true.

xo, Amy


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