What do I wear to my photo session?


What do I wear to my photo session? As a photographer I get asked this question all the time.

First, think about how the images will be displayed. If it’s for a Christmas card you might want to dress in wintery seasonal clothing. A large gallery wrap canvas above the fireplace will look best if you think about coordinating the color and feel of your décor in your clothing choices.

Be careful not to date yourself…keeping a timeless look extends the life of your imagery. This means staying away from logos and heavy graphics and flourescent colors on your clothing. Patterns are fine in moderation. I personally love softer more neutral tones with a pop of color for accent. Creams, browns, grays, soft pastel tones etc…look fantastic and can help to offset all the green in the landscape. These color tones are ideal for creating that softer, airy, vintage look and are most ideal for my personal shooting and editing style. Of course, this is a personal choice.

But, most importantly…be yourself!

Do Not wear clothing with very small print, small checks, tiny polka dots and stripes. This causes a digital distortion in the camera called “moire” that cannot be fixed. This will ruin your images.

For family and sibling images together it’s important to coordinate clothing, but don’t match. Matching clothing makes for some very boring imagery. Start with a basic color palette and add interest from there with subtle pops of color. Gone are the days of matching jeans and white polos.

Layers and textures are beautiful and create detail and depth in photos. For instance, think about adding tweeds, embroidery, sweaters, smocking, ribbons and ruffles to layers of clothing.

Accessorize your outfits. Think about scarves, hats, jewelry, sweaters, vests, jackets, funky colorful shoes, headbands, flowers in the hair. The key to accessorizing is less is more, especially for babies and toddlers. An accessory can also be a burst of color somewhere. Accessories are also great because they allow you to change it up a bit and get multiple looks without too many wardrobe changes.

Don’t forget about the shoes. A great outfit is complete with great shoes. Shoes can also add a pop of color.

Mom, this is your time to shine! I love when moms wear dresses (if you like dresses). It moves when the breeze blows creating beautiful flow in your imagery. Pick something you love and coordinate the outfits around yours.

Clothing with movement and that flow with little ones as they move look fantastic. Kids are always on the move and clothing that accentuates the dancing, twirling, and jumping that they do looks fantastic in photos. I think it captures their innocence.

Last but not least, comfort is key.  Make sure your wee ones are comfortable in their clothing and are not scratching and pulling at it. When they are comfortable in their clothes they will be much happier and their little personalities will shine through. If they are old enough, let them help pick their clothing.

So, I hope that helps demystify the dreaded what shall I wear question.

Here is a Pinterest board of some adorable inspiration for dressing your kiddos. https://www.pinterest.com/theodoms/style-me-baby/

Soft pastel color tone inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/lsunshinephoto/family-style-inspiration/

And one more: https://www.pinterest.com/karenbyker/what-to-wear/

Here are some links to some of my clients and what they chose to wear.

The Harrison Family

The Covington Family

The Moeller Family

Another Moeller Family



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