The Showstopper Wedding Bouquet


the showstopper wedding bouquet

The Showstopper Wedding Bouquet

It’s no secret if you’re a past or present bride, or familiar with my photography, I loooooove photographing the brides’ bouquet! Make an impact with a showstopper wedding bouquet! Your wedding day florals are a big decision and often on the top of the list for wedding day expenses. Today, I’m going to share the different types of wedding bouquets and my BIGGEST TIP!

The Round

This is a simple, elegant and more traditional bouquet. This type of bouquet can be designed as a tight cluster or a more loosely clustered arrangement. This type of bouquet works with all wedding dress types. This type of bouquet also looks great with just one kind of flower, for instance, roses, or a variety of types and sizes.

The Pageant

This is a bouquet of long stem flowers and greenery that the bride carries in her arm. The Pageant can be a dramatic alternative for a modern wedding.

The Cascade

Ahem…this might be my personal favorite! Initially called the “shower bouquet,” and is designed to flow gracefully over the bride’s hands. Almost any flower can be used in this bouquet. This bouquet tends to be more rounded at the top and narrow at the bottom. And, as a side not, this is the bouquet the late Princess Diana carried. So, you know it’s a good one. Elegant all the way!


A compact cluster of flowers with the stems wrapped in ribbon and cut at the bottom to one straight length. These bouquets traditionally sport more greenery. This is a favorite style in a smaller size arrangement for the bridesmaids.


This is another favorite choice for the bride and her bridesmaids. This bouquet is little and round and can easily be held in one hand. These bouquets can be constructed loosely with a wide variety of lowers or in a more compact arrangement. These are often finished off with a beautiful ribbon.

Ok! Here it is…my biggest tip! 

If you have a floral budget ( and who doesn’t?), don’t skimp on your bouquet! It is front and center in your wedding pictures, and it makes a big impact! Quite literally, it will be featured with you in most of your photos. This includes everything from your bridal portraits, bride and groom portraits, bridal party portraits, walking up and down the aisle during the ceremony, your formal family portraits, and your sunset portraits! Whew! That’s a ton of pictures!

Do you need a little inspiration to get you thinking? Follow my PINTEREST BOARD of beautiful bouquets!

showstopper wedding bouquet

flowers: Casa De Flores

showstopper wedding bouquet

Flowers: Edges Wild Studio

showstopper wedding bouquet

Flowers: Edges Wild Studio

Here are a few of my favorite Austin Floral Designers!

Gypsy Floral

The Heirloom Table

Davy Gray

Blumen Floral

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