Styling The Wedding Invitation Suite


Styling The Wedding Invitation Suite

Styling the Wedding Invitation Suite

It’s no secret to any of my brides that I love styling and photographing their wedding day details. In fact, I dedicate the first hour of the day dedicated to capturing all the bride’s details. This list includes the brides dress, her shoes, bouquet, jewelry, rings, and the wedding invitation suite.

The wedding invitation suite is one of my very favorite details to photograph from each of my weddings. This was the first glimpse your guests got as a little peek into the magical day. The suite sets the tone for the big event and gives the guests the first clue of what to expect. It highlights the style of the wedding, the couple, the venue, the theme for the day, and the colors! Plus, a little secret about me…I’m obsessed with paper products!

Styling the invitation suite is an art and can take a significant amount of time to do well. To help the process along, I come prepared in a few ways. And, often, my brides will mail me a clean copy of their invitation suite, and I’ll style and photograph it in my studio where I have more time to spend on it.

  1. I ask my brides to gather a list of things (all laid out in my final details questionnaire), and this helps me to grab them as soon as I arrive, and I can get going.
  2. I come to every wedding with my own styling kit. A toolkit I’ve collected over time with beautiful ribbons, linens, ring boxes, trays, and stamps etc…
  3. I will forage the grounds for elements that tie into the day. For example, flowers from the bride’s bouquet. Often, I’ll ask the florist to bring me a few extra stems to use in the styling.

So, why do I love photographing the invitation suite so much…besides what I’ve already mentioned?

  1. They add to the story of the wedding day.
  2. They are great filler images in the wedding album and in blog posts.
  3. If I’m going to submit your wedding for publication editor’s love flat laying, well styled, pictures of the invitations.

Styling The Wedding Invitation Suite

Suite above captured at the Styled Shoots Across America Conference

Brides! If you love the details of your day as much as I do it’s important to schedule the time to capture them into your wedding day timeline!

Get your free ideal wedding day timeline here!



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