should you get a wedding album


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Should You Get A Wedding Album?

should you get a wedding album

In the days before digital cameras, all of our pictures were taken with film, developed, and then printed for us to see and enjoy. I still remember the excitement of going to the general store to get my prints and relive the memory of what was on that film. Printing was the only way we could see our photos. The good ole’ days, some might say. I long for my clients to print their pictures. It’s the purest form of preservation. When my parents got married, it was no question they would get an album. Since then, their wedding album has been passed down to me, and it’s one of my most treasured possessions.  And that brings me to my first point.

Your wedding album is your first family heirloom.

A professional wedding album is a lasting keepsake. A book you will treasure forever. A collection of art from your love story. It’s the first piece of your family legacy that will be enjoyed and passed down to your children and grandchildren. It’s a safe place to keep and hold the memories of one of your happiest days. It’s priceless. It’s your legacy.

Your wedding album will stand the test of time.

Technology changes and evolves almost daily. My wedding images were delivered on a DVD. They no longer make computers that read a disc like this. The same goes for a USB. This technology is becoming obsolete. Prints are forever. They don’t get lost in the black hole of outdated technology.

Your wedding album is an experience.

should you get a wedding album

  I love books, collect books, and reread many of my books. I love the smell of the pages, the feel of the paper, and the visual sensation of a single image. It transports you back in time. I know when I look at a photograph that has deep meaning to me, I remember my feelings, the sounds, and even the smell of the moment. It’s truly a magical experience. Wedding albums are often displayed proudly in plain sight like a coffee table book. It just begs to be opened, flipped through, and enjoyed. Like I said before, I have been handed down my parent’s wedding album, and it’s one of the most treasured items I own.

Your wedding album is superior quality.

Quality. Quality. Quality. I can’t express it enough. The quality of a professional-grade album is like no other. There are so many consumer-grade album makers on the market still, nothing compares to the workmanship of a professionally handmade album from a bookmaker who uses the finest quality papers and densely pigmented inks to craft your one of a kind piece of art. Yes, your wedding album is a piece of art. The albums I deliver to my clients can only be purchased through a professional photographer. They are crafted by hand by artisan bookmakers who put the white glove treatment into creating your album. Your wedding album will truly last a lifetime.

Your wedding is a collection of artful curation.

Truthfully, there is an art to crafting a beautiful wedding album. How will the images be paired together to deliver the most impact? How will they flow together to artfully tell the story of your day? Which images can stand alone with the most impact? These are all the questions I ask myself when designing an album for my clients. Only then are they artistically arranged to tell the story. They are designed through the eyes of a photographer. The photographer who was present that day and can recollect and tell your story first hand. It’s an art-form to design an album.

Should you get a wedding album?

Yes, you need a wedding album.

I value my clients and am fully dedicated to providing them with a complete service from start to finish. Nothing makes me happier than to know they are getting the most out of the Amy Odom Photography experience when they add an heirloom album to their investment. It’s the final piece to the puzzle. Your wedding album is the culmination of everything we created together through the planning and the executing. It’s your legacy. Here at Amy Odom Photography, I offer custom heirloom wedding albums to every couple. The wedding album is customized to each couple’s design aesthetic and can be created to complement and carry through the design of their unique wedding day.

See examples of the album design options by clicking here: THE LEGACY HEIRLOOM ALBUM

If you’d like to chat more about album options, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m passionate about them and think every couple deserves one!



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