Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth and Resilience in Work and Life


As the year comes to a gentle close, it’s a beautiful moment for reflecting on 2023. For me, this year has been a mosaic of memories, a blend of bright, joyous moments, heartbreak and sadness, and quiet, introspective times.

Business Highlights

Reflecting on the business highlights of 2023, it’s been a year of remarkable achievements and milestones. As a professional wedding photographers, Dan and I captured 25 love stories, each unique and beautiful their own way. It’s still not lost on me the privilege to document these memorably intimate affairs.

A particularly proud moment was having two of these weddings featured in esteemed publications. Liz and David’s Horseshoe Bay Resort wedding was showcased in Style Me Pretty, a renowned wedding blog known for its elegant and stylish curation of wedding inspirations.

And, Makenna and Luke’s Two Wishes Ranch wedding was published in print in Wed Society Austin, formerly, Brides of Austin.

As I continue to stroll down memory lane I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Maddie Prewett Troutt’s book launch for “The Love Everybody Wants“. If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you’ll recognize her from Peter’s season.

Joining the Austin Wedding Planners Association of Preferred Wedding Vendors this year was an incredible honor for me. Being invited into this invite-only group is a huge honor and a gateway to collaborate with some of the best in the industry

Attending the first WIPA event in Austin was another highlight of my year. Witnessing the formation of a new chapter in our area is exciting and an opportunity to connect with other professionals who are equally passionate about elevating wedding experiences for their clients and fellow vendors.

In my artistic journey this year, I’ve discovered a wealth of inspiration beyond the traditional boundaries of photography. The worlds of literature, cinema, culinary arts, and various forms of visual art have increasingly influenced my work. I find myself drawing parallels between the storytelling in books and movies, with their dynamic compositions and emotional depth, have inspired me to experiment with new perspectives and moods in my photography. This exploration and integration of diverse inspirations are shaping my artistic voice in new and exciting ways. I’m looking forward to where this creative journey takes me in the coming year!

Personal Highlights

This year, amidst the moments of joy and accomplishment, I also faced the most challenging period of my life. In March, I lost my mother. Her passing has left a profound void, and the journey through grief has been difficult.

Navigating through this season without her has been especially tough. The festivities and celebrations are now tinged with a sense of loss, as her absence is deeply felt. Yet, in the midst of this sorrow, I’ve found strength in the support of family. Their presence and understanding have been a source of comfort, reminding me that I’m not alone in this journey of grief. I’ve also found solace in cherishing the memories of my mother, holding onto the lessons she taught me and the memories she left behind.

One of her most endearing and enthusiastic passions was her love for the Dallas Cowboys. Growing up, I have such fond memories of her excitement and dedication to her football team. Today, that legacy of fandom has passed on to Dan and me. The Dallas Cowboys have become ‘our’ team, a way of keeping a part of her spirit alive in our lives. Sundays have transformed into more than just game days; they’re a tribute to her. It’s a bittersweet blend of nostalgia and new memories being created, as we carry on her passion.

On a personal note, this year was filled with some truly memorable travels that hold a special place in my heart. Dan and I had the opportunity to explore the charming city of Savannah, Georgia. This trip was a beautiful escape, immersing ourselves in the city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and the warm, Southern hospitality. Walking through the historic streets, savoring the local cuisine, and experiencing the vibrant culture of Savannah was an absolute delight.

But the most treasured trip of this year was the one to Ruidoso, New Mexico, with my father. Ruidoso, being his favorite place, made this journey incredibly special. It was more than just a trip; it was a chance to create lasting memories together, surrounded by the serene beauty of the mountains and the peaceful ambiance of the town. We shared stories, devoured delicious food, enjoyed the natural beauty, and simply made memories snuggled together in a cozy cabin.

This year, Dan and I made a delightful resolution to delve deeper into Austin’s vibrant food scene, and it’s been an absolutely delicious journey! We’ve had the pleasure of exploring a variety of culinary gems around the city, but a few standouts really captured our hearts and taste buds.

Aba Austin quickly became one of our favorites with its exotic flavors and vibrant atmosphere. The fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine made each meal an adventure, and the inviting ambiance added a special touch to our dining experiences.

Then there was Jeffrey’s, an Austin classic that never disappoints. The exquisite fine dining experience here, with its impeccable service and sumptuous dishes, made our evenings feel truly special.

And let’s not forget Red Ash. Their Italian-inspired cuisine, particularly their wood-fired specialties, was a revelation. The rich flavors, the lively ambiance, and the exceptional service made every visit an experience to cherish.

This year, Dan and I made a conscious effort to spend more quality time with family, recognizing the importance of these connections in our lives. We established weekly dinner dates with my dad. This intentional family time has brought a lot of joy and comfort, especially in a year that has had its share of challenges. It’s reminded us of the importance of family ties and the warmth that these relationships bring into our lives.

And Finally, this year, I also took a significant step towards prioritizing my health, a decision prompted by the realization that hours of sitting behind a computer editing were taking a toll on my well-being.

Interestingly, I discovered that despite my dedication to my favorite cardio activities like running and my Peloton, they weren’t as effective for weight loss as I had hoped. Weight training turned out to be a game-changer for me. Not only has it helped in losing weight, but it’s also been great for my overall strength and fitness. I’m thrilled to share that I’m down 12 pounds.

Reflecting on 2023, it was a year interwoven with meaningful professional milestones and deeply personal moments. It’s a story of navigating my life’s highs and lows, cherishing family memories and embracing personal growth amid life’s challenges.

2024 – Let’s Go!

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