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Eleven years ago I stood in a tiny trailor house in Oglesbee, TX. Staring up at me was a pair of the cutest puppy dog eyes I’d ever seen. You were the last one. Your brothers and sisters had all been adopted. It was love at first sight for me and you were meant to be ours.

As I walked out the door with you in my arms I felt the pull to look back toward the house. There sat your mama looking through the dingy screen door, sadness in her eyes. I was taking her baby. Her last baby. I felt her pain. My heart ached for her. I promised her that day I would take good care of her baby and give her the happiest home.  I still remember how tiny you were that day. You slept all the way home curled up in Avery’s three year old lap nestled in his car seat.

You were our first. Our first family dog. It feels so odd using that word, “dog.” You were so much more than that with your human like qualities. The way you would intently listen to our conversations, focusing on each person as the spoke, like you understood. The way you would comfort the boys when they had a bad day. The way you always had to be in the middle of everything…family gatherings, holidays, trips. You were even there when Ethan graduated from college. You were there for all of it…the good , the hard, the joy, and the sadness. You never wanted to be left out and you were the happiest surrounded by your family.

Our hearts and our home feel empty without you. You fought hard to the very last day. Cancer is ugly…so ugly.

I miss coming home from a long day and not being greeted by your excitement. I miss plugging away at work in my office and hearing you peacefully snoring away under my feet. I miss snuggling on the couch in the evening after a long day. Did I mention I miss your snoring? I miss the days in the kitchen preparing dinner and having you patiently wait at my feet knowing I’ll drop a scrap.

You left a big hole in all of our hearts my sweet girl. You will forever be missed. We were lucky to have you and you were meant to be ours. I know you had a good life with us. I kept my promise to your mama.

Rest in peace our sweet, Pandora.


photo bombing a session with Ethan.




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