Magnolia Market | Waco, Texas


Recently, my hubby and I took a little day trip to Waco to Visit Magnolia Market.

There’s a little something for everyone at the Silos…shopping, food trucks, a bakery, fun, and games.

Magnolia Market_1116

I thought I would share my tips and advice on a day at the silos.

  1. Go early. Avoid the weekend if at all possible. We went on a Monday and it was still quite crowded. It was also very hot (mid July in Texas) so going early helps beat some of the heat. I heard that Tuesdays and Wednesday are the best days to go on as far as the crowds.
  2. You may need to drive around the block to find a place to walk. If you’re lucky the church across the street will be available. Bring cash, you’ll have to pay to park there.
  3. Be patient. It is crowded and you will have to wait in line for everything… to go to the bathroom, to pay for your goodies, to get a drink, or something to eat. The line to get in the new bakery, Flour, was wrapped around the building. There was a girl handing out order cards to place your order before you even got inside. We were not able to see the goodies before we ordered but everything we got was delicious. My husband said it was the best cinnamon roll he’s ever eaten, and he’s had a ton to compare 😉 I’d have to agree, include this in your order…trust me.
  4. The grounds are beautiful. There is a big lawn scattered with picnic tables and swings to sit on. Games can be played on the lawn and the perimeter is surrounded by food trucks with local fare.
  5. Shop. The main store is full of cute home décor that you have seen graced by Joanna’s homes on their show, Fixer Upper. The décor is exactly what you would expect…very Joanna Gaines style. Again, it is very crowded and you will must likely be rubbing shoulders with the other visitor’s. Patient’s is a must. Don’t forget to sign the guest book while you’re there.
  6. The newly finished garden area is adorable. There’s an area for kids to play and explore.
  7. There is an employee on every corner inside and out, ready to assist you with your iphone to help you catch the moments and post them instantly to all your social media. Genius marketing if you ask me.

Magnolia Market_1114

Magnolia Market_1117Magnolia Market_1118Magnolia Market_1114Magnolia Market_1113After you visit Magnolia Market here is a list of some other places to check off your list.

  1. Baylor University
  2. McLane Stadium
  3. Mayborn Museum
  4. Dr. Pepper Museum
  5. Cameron Park and Zoo
  6. Ninfa’s ~ Mexican Restaurant
  7. Schmaltz ~ Best sandwich in town



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