How To Plan the Sparkler Exit


how to plan the sparkler exit

There are so many ways to make a grand exit at your wedding. I’ve seen everything from ribbon wands, to balloons, bubbles, and confetti, to the sparkler exit. Ah! The grand sparkler exit! There are a few tricks to capturing these fabulous sparkler exit photos!

Here are my top tips for how to plan the sparkler exit and get it right!

  1. Tell Your Wedding Photographer. Communicate this wish with your wedding photographer and have it planned into your wedding day timeline! There is some extra planning that goes into capturing these fantastic images, but your photographer will need to know in advance that it’s happening.
  2.  Buy long sparklers! The long sparklers have 3-4 minutes of burn time giving you plenty of time to get them all lit and walk through them.
  3. Stop and Kiss. Spend a moment taking it all in. Stop in the middle and have a little kiss, dip, or twirl!
  4. Think about the timing! If you’re planning on having an all-night dance party to celebrate, the reality is many of your guests will leave long before the reception is over. One way to avoid this is to have your exit a little early, and then you can keep the party going and hanging out afterward.

Are you looking for help with planning the perfect wedding day timeline?

Fill out the form below and help yourself to two ideal wedding day timelines I’ve created just for you. There is a timeline that includes a first look and one without a first look!

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