how to choose a wedding photographer

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer


Congratulations! You’re Engaged!!!!

It’s engagement season, and the time of year wedding vendors are flooded with emails from excited couples ready to plan their weddings! Don’t get me wrong, we loooove this time of year too! It’s an opportunity to meet new couples, hear all about their wedding vision, and make plans.

However, wedding planning can be overwhelming! There is so much to think about! And, so many decisions to be made!

As a wedding photographer, I realize it can be quite daunting to choose a wedding photographer. Let me help you with some details I think you must know to make the best decision for you!

Let me help you solve the mystery of how to choose a wedding photographer for your special day!

how to choose a wedding photographer

How To Choose A Wedding Photographer That’s Perfect For The Two Of You.

But first, here are two things helpful to know before contacting a wedding photographer.

  1. Your wedding date. Once you know your wedding date, you can reach out to the photographer and see if they are available on that date. Many photographers book 9-18 months in advance. If you already know you must have a specific photographer, it is not uncommon to check with them before finalizing a wedding date!
  2. The Ceremony and Reception Location. It’s a good idea to know where the ceremony and reception will be held. Will they all take place at the same location, or is travel involved from one location to another? How far away is the venue from the photographer’s location. Will there be travel fees required?

Now, let’s start the search.

  1. Photographic style? Do you love romantic, light, and airy portraits, or is dark and edgy more your jam? Do you prefer traditional posing, or does a more relaxed, fun-loving approach speak to you? Do you like color photos, black and white, or a mix of both? I recommend looking through local and online magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram to see what types of photographs appeal to you. You will see a theme emerge.
  2. Budget. Know your allotted budget for photography. Price points in photography vary greatly. The Knot recommends about 12 % of the overall wedding budget be dedicated to photography. But, sometimes, you may want to stretch the photography budget to get the photographer of your dreams.
  3. Experience. Does the photographer specialize in weddings? How long have they been shooting? How many weddings have they photographed? I recommend asking to see an entire wedding gallery. Anyone can put up 10-20 good images, but can they deliver that same level of consistency throughout an entire wedding? Will they be able to anticipate the moments? Weddings are about people and celebrations…first and foremost!
  4. Professionalism. Read their reviews. You can find these through testimonials, Google, The Knot, and past clients.
  5. Personality. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the photographer. It’ also very important that you feel a personal connection with your photographer. You will spend many hours and some of your most intimate moments together! How comfortable would you feel sharing those moments?
  6. Research and gather names. Do a google or Instagram search of photographers in your area (it’s incredible how many of my brides are finding me on Instagram). Ask your recently married friends, other vendors, etc… A Google search of wedding photos at your venue will often yield photographers who have worked at your venue, although this is not a necessity and a whole other topic!


Once you’ve answered the questions above, it’s time to narrow down and reach out to a few of your top options! I recommend narrowing it down to no more than three choices, more than that creates overwhelm. Next, set up a time to chat either via phone call or in-person to get all your questions answered.

Once you’ve decided on your photographer of choice most require a retainer and a signed contract to seal the deal. Congratulations!!!


Amy Odom is an Austin wedding photographer for the romantic at heart and madly in love couple. She has a fine art style with an ethereal, romantic, light and airy quality.

She is the winner of The Knot Best of Weddings for the second year in a row.

Now interviewing for select 2020 and Spring 2021 weddings! Contact me using the link below and let’s start a conversation about your wedding!

Contact Amy HERE

How to choose a wedding photographer


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