Focus Friday Vol. 9


Focus Friday Vol. 9

Focus Friday Vol. 9Focus: (v.) to concentrate one’s attention.

Focus Friday Vol. 9 ~ A weekly recap and personal musings.

Whew! Nine weeks in and you’re still hanging in there with me! I’m gearing up for an exceptionally busy fall season. Feeling very blessed and grateful for all of you who allow me to capture your most sacred moments. This week was the calm before the storm and I used it to take care of some personal things I’ve been putting off.


Here’s how the week shook out:

  1. Monday I had a little procedure known as a colonoscopy. Other than feeling very hungover for a couple of days from the medication they give all went well, and that’s all I’ll say about that…lol!!!
  2. I spent some productive time actually working on my business. I’m all caught up on my editing, drafted some marketing materials, finished my Bridal Guide for my 2019 brides, and wrote a couple of blog posts…GO ME!!! 
  3. I was pretty darn domesticated this week as well. I managed to cook some meals for my family. I also got a little baking done! Again…GO ME!!! This honey infused bundt cake made with rich buttermilk is moist and dense. It’s the perfect breakfast cake with a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately, it didn’t last until Sunday!
  4. Dan and I took a little drive to Waco to visit Homestead Heritage.  This is a lovely little Christian community with a passion for simplicity, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and beautiful craftsmanship. The handmade pottery is to die for!
  5. Have you ever heard the phrase “best days, worst days; worse days, best days?” I have better never really understood it. A friend broke it down to me this week during a weekly text chat. It means that some days feel like the worst days because you’re not getting the traction you desire, having needful conversations, or feeling productive. Those are the days you are doing the groundwork for the best days. Spend time building when you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need, and it will always set you up to have a great day down the road. That was some of the best advice I’ve gotten in a while.

Until next time,


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