Focus Friday ~ Vol. 6


Focus Friday ~ Vol. 6


Focus (v.) to concentrate one’s attention.

Focus Friday ~ Vol. 6

Focus Friday ~ Vol. 6 

Whew! Six weeks of sharing my weekly musing’s. I’m surprised at how many people are reading along. Thank you for that!

This was a busy one for sure! But, I spent it doing what I love and had some quality time with friends and family. That can never be beat!

  1. This happened last week but I went to The White Sparrow in Quinlan, Texas and photographed an editorial bridal shoot. I shot a lot of medium format film and as soon as that comes back from the lab I can’t wait to share!  The above is just a snippet of some of the details I captured with my digital camera.
  2. I photographed two little brand new loves. That never gets old.
  3. Today, I’m in the studio with a set of boy/girl twins that are seven days old. I’ve got a dear friend in the studio today helping me out. Thank you, Victoria!
  4. I got away for a girl’s night out. The downside to that we had to say goodbye to a good friend and colleague moving on to new adventures. I wish her nothing but happiness in her new job!
  5. If you’re on the hunt for something to help you keep up with your to-do list like me. I discovered TeuxDeux. It’s available on mobile and desktop. I’m doing the 30-day trial, and so far I’m loving it.
  6. The best quote I’ve heard all week, ” Say it out loud.”  If you want something..say it. Put it out into the universe. Tell the world and make yourself accountable. Just a little food for thought.

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