Focus Friday Vol. 5 Adventures in Utah


Focus Friday ~ Vol. 5

Focus Friday Vol. 5 Adventures in Utah

Focus: (v.) to concentrate one’s attention.

Focus Friday Vol. 5 Adventures in Utah

This Focus Friday edition is clumped into two amazing weeks. I got behind while on a family trip to the beautiful state of Utah. We’d never been there before and it was breathtaking. Up until that point I felt like I’d been working non-stop and the break was just what I needed to get back on track.

It was a week of joy, relaxation, exploring, and if you know me…shopping!

  1. First and foremost we got to see Ethan! We stayed in his itty bitty apartment. Honestly, this made me so proud to see him with a place all his own, expanding his wings, and flourishing. We also got a private tour of the lab he works for and meet some of his friends and colleagues.
  2. We spent a Saturday touring the downtown and the Salt Lake Temple Square.
  3. We took a day trip to Park City, Utah. Whoa! What a gorgeous mountain resort this place is. This Texas girl felt a little out of place here. The only type of skiing I’ve ever done was on the water…LOL! Not that it’s skiing season, but they are already gearing up for it. This is where I did some major shopping damage! Too many cute and unique boutiques to count.
  4. Olympic Park. This place was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics. We toured the grounds where you can try all sorts of thrill-seeking adventures like bobsledding, extreme tubing, and zip lining. Ethan and Avery took a crack at the extreme zip lining across and down the canyon. It’s pretty safe to say that was the highlight of their trip.
  5. Dan and I took the 2 hour drive to see the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is one of the most unique natural occuring features I have ever seen! The sun glaring off the miles of white salt was so bright it literally hurts your eyes. But oh the beauty! I so want to go back and do a photo shoot there!
  6. You know if I’m going to a new location there will always be photo shoots involved!! I photographed the sweetest Boho Bride named Summer. We had to start at the crack of dawn cuz ya’ll it get’s bright early in Utah! I can’t wait to share more of her session soon on the blog.

Week Two:

  1. Back home and back to work! Lot’s of my babies were born while I was gone and this week I’m meeting them all!
  2. Another doctor’s appointment with my mom where we’ve been trying to figure out what to do about a seemingly non-cancerous (hooray) mass in her lung. Still not sure, so for now we continue to follow it and watch for any growth.
  3. Took a trip to meet one of my lovely brides and scout out her venue. Two months until her wedding and I’m super pumped!
  4. Welp, I got my behind back in the gym 4 days this week. And, I’ve only been drinking water all day except with my dinner meal. Breaking my Diet Coke habit has been no joke. I’m determined to slay it once and for all!
  5. The best quote I’ve heard all week. ” Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.” ~ Lewis Howes

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