Focus Friday Vol. 2


Focus Friday Vol. 2

Focus: (v.) to concentrate one’s attention

Focus Friday Vol. 2

I want to share a little advise, so to speak, I heard this week.  You’ve got to keep moving no matter what you do. If you stay and wonder what direction to go in, you’ll never go anywhere. You just need to go. I’ve been pondering some of life’s “should I’s?”,  so I’ve decided I’m taking that advice to heart to make some important decisions in my own life. Here’s to always looking forward!

It’s been a good week.

  1. I’ve gotten back to my practice of daily journaling, and I can feel a huge difference in my life and state of mind.
  2. I’ve cooked three meals for my family this week. This is big ya’ll! I love to cook for my family but with busy lives and hectic schedules for all of us, it just doesn’t always happen.
  3. I photographed a special session this week…the details cannot be shared yet, but it’s soooo good! EEK!
  4. I discovered an app called Grammarly; it’s a life-changing free writing assistant! If you write a ton like I do this will be a game changer. No more writing emails, blog posts, or papers with mistakes!
  5. Dan and I took a little day trip out to The Vineyard at Florence. I’m excited to be photographing a beautiful couple and their wedding out there this fall!
  6. The best quote I read this week, “Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort and we control both” ~ The Rock

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