Happy Father’s Day Daniel Odom


On June 15th, 2014 Father’s will be celebrated around the world in many countries. This day is a celebration of fatherhood, paternal connections, and the influence of father’s on humanity.

But, this Father’s Day I’m feeling a little more emotional than usual about the man my children call dad.

For the better part of the last 10 years we have spent most of this time apart, separated by long repeated deployments, and currently a duty assignment to Korea. God willing, this will be the last time our family is separated by thousands of miles.

Happy Fahter's Day Amy Odom Photography

Yet, through all of this you have managed to remain the rock of our family, a father to our children, my best friend and mate. We’ve been through so much together since that night we met and I wouldn’t change any of it.

AMy Odom Photography Killeen TX

You support our children in everything they want to be and everything they want to do. You lift them up when they are down and doubting themselves. You have an amazing ability to give baseball lessons and pre game pep talks across the internet. You call in the mornings to calm pre-test jitters and “you’ve got this” encouraging words. And yes, you’ve been accused of being an over-spoiler.

Happy Father's Day - Amy Odom Photography

Amy Odom Photography

We’ve spent countless hours over the last year talking via Skype, sometimes twice a day.


We love you, we miss you.

Happy Father’s Day!

Love, your wife and children

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