Fall Enagagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos | Austin Texas


Heather & Andrew

A fall engagement photo session.

Fall Engagement Photos

Romantic Fall Engagement Photos

The week of Thanksgiving was a good one, for sure! I’ve been waiting to meet Heather and Andrew for months, and I’m so happy we got to make it happen over the Thanksgiving holiday. WE spent a chilly evening the day before Thanksgiving, enjoying the evening capturing their fall engagement photos. These two cuties are outdoorsy, romantic, and adventurous. They love to be outside with their fur babies, hunting, and fishing. But, thy also enjoy a fancy dinner with a nice bottle of wine! They love to travel! In the last year and a half, they have been to 7 countries (Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany)! I’m not jealous at all! In fact, when Heather reached out to me they were in Europe!

I’m so excited for their Cedar Skies wedding in June!!!

How they met.

Heather was a nanny for a family in Hallettsville, the year between undergrad and grad school. She lived in the family mother-in-law quarters at their house.  One weekend, a new renter Chase (Andrew’s best friend) was there having dinner with all of them. Heather got to know Chase, and he texted her one day when they were all at the deer lease and said, “Hey I have a friend I want you to meet, can I give him your number?” She had just gotten out of a long relationship and wasn’t ready for another, but all her friends said, “Heather just do it, you never know what could happen.” So, she let Chase give his friend her number, which turns out to be Andrew! Friends always know best!

Their first date.

A Houston Rocket’s Game!

The proposal.

” He was in Germany for six weeks working on turn around for his job. We had planned to travel for two weeks in Europe following the turnaround. I flew over with another couple to Paris and he met us there. The third night we were in Paris, we had dinner at the Eiffel Tower. After dinner, we went down to take pictures on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower. Anthony and Madaline (the other couple we were with) said let me have your phone and ill take some pictures (I didn’t think anything of it because we had been using my phone the entire time for pictures). Anthony was like, “Heather look over there,” and when I turned back around, Andrew was down on one knee, asking me to spend forever with him!!! It was perfect and completely caught me off guard!” -Heather

Heather and Andrew, it has already been such a pleasure being your wedding photographer! I adore you two and I’m obsessed with your engagement photos!!!

Fall Engagement Photos

The Fur babies, Bullet and Nova!

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

It warms my heart when couples include meaningful details in their session. Heather’s mother made this blanket. It was then passed on to her grandfather. Now, it’s wrapping Heather and Andrew in comfort and love!

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos

Austin Texas Fall Engagement Photos

Austin Fall Engagement Photos

Amy Odom is an Austin, Texas wedding photographer. Available for travel across Texas and beyond!

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