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It’s a beautiful April morning, the studio is as warm as the Texas sun, and Ambriel is snug as bug and sleeping like a dream on a bed of comfy mohair blankets. Today is her big photo session and she brought along her mommy, Sarah, and her grandma, Kimberly, all the way from Indiana. The phone rings and breaks the monotonous sound of the white noise that is lulling Ambriel into the land of nod. Yay! It’s daddy! Yep, that’s right. Daddy is calling all the way from Afghanistan. You see, little Ambriel and her daddy have yet to meet in person. She spends her days with mommy talking to daddy on Skype and today was no different. So, for the next half hour daddy got to share in his little princesses’ big day. May I have a tissue please?!

I’m certain this is a little something she’s working on just for daddy. You know, just to make sure the string wrapped around his finger is extra tight…wink…wink. Sorry daddy, it’s just the way it is with daddy’s and their little girls. We are always daddy’s girls…no matter how old we get.



I had the blessing of meeting Ambriel’s mommy when we captured her maternity images. Sarah is beautiful (yes, sometimes I state the obvious), strong, and independent.  She too, serves our country. The sacrifices our military men and women make on a daily basis is beyond my comprehension. Thank you.


Three generations of amazing women. After meeting Kimberly, it was easy to understand where Sarah gets her strength. Ambriel is one lucky lady.


Ambriel came bounding into this world in a pretty big hurry with a headful of chestnut colored hair and weighing in at just over 5 pounds.


I wasn’t sure if she was going  give me any of those big smiles her mommy said she was famous for. In the end, I got lucky and she laid one on me.


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