The Best of Maternity and Newborns 2019 Motherhood through the eyes of Amy. I had so many incredible moments in 2019 that I decided to break the “Best of 2019” into different categories. If you missed Best of 2019 Weddings and Engagements you can view it HERE! This year I had the privilege of meeting […]

Best of Maternity and Newborns


Lucy & Liam Fine Art Motherhood Photo Session Motherhood has always had a special place in my heart. Raising two boys was the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done. The days can sometimes feel long and overwhelming, but the years fly way too fast. All too quickly tiny hands learn to maneuver their ways, […]

Motherhood Photo Session


Mommy and Me Photoshoot | Austin Family Photographer Yazmin and Emma I was over the moon excited when Yazmin contacted me to do a mommy and me photoshoot with her daughter. Her little girl Emma just tuned one and she wanted to celebrate that journey with a special session for just the two of them. […]

mommy and me photoshoot


Tessa and Mia. A motherhood on film session. Why film? I’ve been shooting film for awhile now and have come to completely fall in love with it. There’s something about it that feels so good. It makes me slow down, focus more, pay attention to what’s filling my frame, and be more patient. In return, […]


A little over three years ago this lady walked into my life as a client. Today, she is a dear sweet friend. Ashanike is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. She’s an amazing mama to a sweet three year old, a gifted teacher, and one of the most driven young […]


Twenty two years ago I was a mother standing in front of the mirror meeting herself for the first time. It wasn’t easy that day. I was off to a nervous start. I looked tired, sallow, and doughy around the middle. My hair needed to be washed and the tears were a blink away from […]

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