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Hi there! Welcome to the  blog, a journal about my life and work
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I'm Amy

The Awkward Business Bio and Photo


Why does it always feel so awkward? I yo-yo’d between arrogance and humility, giving myself a million reasons why I don’t need to show who I am.

I’ve hand numerous conversations with my brilliant, ever encouraging husband to infuse more of my personal side into my business. “Show the people who you are,” he says! Ugh! How uncomfortable.

As an entrepreneur, I know we must infuse who we are into what we do to show prospective clients what makes us unique. So today, you and I will give ourselves permission to show our personalities, exude confidence, and let the people see how awesome we are.

Shine on. There is only one you.

Amy Odom Photography_0738

April 18, 2016

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