The Amy Odom Bridal Guide



The Amy Odom Bridal Guide

A Guide For All Amy Odom Brides.

Amy Odom Bridal Guide


Hello Bride to be and Welcome!

This is such an exciting time for you! I’m sure your mind is racing with all that needs to be planned.

Through the years I’ve written many blog posts to help my brides with all their wedding day planning. I remember the excitement and overwhelm of planning my own wedding!

You’re planning the day you’ve been anticipating your whole life and yet you only get one shot at it. By the time you get the hang of it, the planning is over!

My goal as a wedding photographer is to make this one aspect of the planning process simple. Photography is so much more than just images, it’s a real and huge part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful photos, but you also deserve an amazing photographic experience.

Through my experience in planning my own wedding and photographing many weddings, I’ve compiled a gorgeous, magazine style, 72-page bridal guide with all my best advice and tips for making your wedding everything you’ve ever imagined it to be. The goal of this guide is to help you plan your wedding day in a way that will allow me to provide you with the BEST experience possible. Once we become official, this exclusive Amy Odom Bridal Guide will be on the way. I hope that it helps guide you and shed some light on the entire wedding planning process.

It’s such an honor to be chosen to work with my brides, and I cannot wait to serve you well!

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