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Real Wedding Advice

A new blog series where Amy Odom Couples share their best advice and tips on how they planned their dream wedding. Here you will read about what they learned, what they would never change, and what they would have done differently. Enjoy!

Real Wedding Advice

The Dress

Tell me about the dress! How did you find it and how did you feel in it on your big day? 

I found my dress at a boutique called Blush. The girls there listened to what I imagined and hunted down the perfect dress. I picked my dress because it was stunning and unique compared to the dozens of other dresses I tried on. It was very form fitting so I was pretty uncomfortable sitting down, but so WORTH IT!


The Vision

There are so many choices when it comes to planning a wedding theme or vision. How did you decide the vision for your wedding?

I knew we wanted to get married in December. I love winter tones! The venue we chose was historic and elegant. I wanted my bridesmaids dresses to compliment the venue and seasonal colors.


Most Unique Part of the Day

We did the Grand March. It was a fun dance that included everyone, and it was super crazy fun!


Number One Piece Of Advice

If friends or family offer any help, TAKE THE OFFER! Also, send your DJ a playlist of songs, artists, dances you like/don’t like. We had so many people say how much they loved the music.


 The First Look

The first look was the sweetest moment. It helped calm us both down before the ceremony!


 The Most Memorable Moment

Besides marrying the love of your life, what was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

DANCING! We ate dinner before being introduced at the reception. That we could walk around and chat with our guests during the reception dinner. It worked out perfectly because we really wanted to have the time to dance with everyone.


 The Most Challenging Part

The guest list!


The Photography Experience

What surprised you about your wedding photography experience? Any photography related nuggets you’d like to pass along to other brides?

Nothing really surprised me about the photography, everything flowed nicely! The engagement photo session was good practice for our modeling skills, LOL! I will never regret investing in the photography. I will always look back on the most beautiful pictures!


Best Investments

With so many priorities for planning a wedding, what is the one thing you are glad you invested in for your big day?

The photography and the dress!


The Honeymoon

How did you decide on Honeymoon plans?


We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm since it was freezing in December! We had a travel agent find us the best deal, which really paid off! I highly recommend somewhere all-inclusive, STRESS-FREE!


Other Advice

Anything you’d like to share that wasn’t asked? Do Tell!!!

Random advice I learned. When you send RSVP cards, write the name or number the cards because many people don’t write return addresses and you are stuck with mystery yes’s and no’s!

And, if you are getting your hair and makeup done, DO THE TRIAL! I hated the first run. I literally cried!

Couple: Sarah + Travis

Wedding Date: December 29, 2018

Venue: The Austin Club

To see more of their wedding: Their Wedding Blog Post



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