Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session Photos


Tips for planning your engagement Session photos

Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session Photos

Engagement Sessions…I love them SO much! It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know my clients and for them to get to know me better. These sessions are  helpful in allowing my bride and grooms to get comfortable in front of the camera long before their wedding day.

One of the biggest struggles I hear from ya’ll is “what the heck do we wear?” And, since many of you plan to use your engagement portraits for save-the-date cards, the guest book, your wedding website, and more, not knowing what to wear can be stressful!

Have no fear…I’ve got your back! The tips I’m going to give are based on the fact that you hired me (thank you!) to be your wedding photographer and I have a very specific style. This is probably one of the main reasons you hired me, that, and you like me 😉 These recommendations are based both on my experience and my photographic style.


I recommend a maximum of two outfits for your engagement session to ensure we have plenty of time to capture both looks before sunset!

HERE is my Pinterest Board for outfit inspiration.

Neutrals such as blush, tans, light pinks, soft blues,  teals, creams, and grays will always result in more of a light and airy look to your pictures. These colors photograph soft and romantic! Despite what you’ve been told about black being slimming….AVOID black at all cost! It does not photograph well!

Dresses work great! I recommend a flowing maxi dress or skirt, the movement of the fabric photographs beautifully.

I typically recommend a dressy outfit and then a more casual look for your two outfits. Don’t be afraid to Get Fancy! Engagement photos are a once in a lifetime opportunity to pull out all the stops for your portraits. I love the idea of going all out. You can also consider renting a dream dress from Rent the Runway!

The goal is coordinating but not matching! Avoid both of you wearing white. It does not allow for any contrast in your images.

Guys – avoid small patterns in your shirts, this causes strange visual effects in a digital image. It cannot be corrected. Avoid, graphic tees, tennis shoes, and flip-flops.

Girls – wear something that flatters the parts of you that you love the most and you feel comfortable and confident wearing. I recommend splurging on professional hair and makeup. If you need some referrals, I’m happy to help you out. Accessories are a great addition and a great way to bring a sense of personal style to your photos. Are you a hat girl? Scarves, bold jewelry?

Girls ~ Your hands will show in your pictures. Take the time to manicure your nails. We are going to show off that RING!!! Natural nails or a light colored neutral polish work best.

Guys and Girls – AVOID small tight patterns like small stripes and tiny polka dots. They will distort in camera…not good!  

Anytime you need help…let me know!

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