Exciting News! Austin Texas Wedding Photographer


Austin Texas Wedding Photographer

Hi Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far. The Texas heat has definitely kicked in and I’m feeling it…whew!!!

Today, I have some official exciting news to share with you.

We’ve all heard the saying, “never say never,” and when it came to my photography there was one thing I was sure I would always say never to…WEDDINGS!

Over the course of almost 5 years in business I have received a fair number of wedding inquiries that always resulted in an email reply from me saying, “sorry, I don’t shoot weddings.”

Well, as of today, I’m eating those words.

Why? Over the last year or so I’ve been finding myself more intrigued with the idea of photographing weddings. And, it all started with my love of the dreamy romance of real film.

There is NOTHING like it!

Also, over the course of the spring and summer I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and work alongside some amazingly talented wedding photographers in the Austin area.

And guess what?! I’ve completely fallen in love with wedding photography!!!

In addition to that, my husband Dan, who is an amazing photographer, is joining my team and together we will be traveling this journey together. I cannot imagine a better way to capture your love than to share it and capture it with my love. WE have been blessed by our marriage and we can’t wait to document the start of yours.

I’m super excited to have him join my team.

Together, we are now accepting weddings in Texas and beyond and we could not be more thrilled.

We are photography for people who BELIEVE IN THE FOREVER LOVE, because for us, that’s what it’s always been about.

WE need a little help from you my friends! Please help us spread the word.

Thank you so much!


Amy and Dan

Austin Texas wedding photographer

Amy Odom is an Austin Texas wedding photographer serving the entire state of Texas and beyond.

If you are a bride looking for timeless wedding portraits because you believe, like we do, that timeless always trumps trendy. WE would love to speak with you.

Click HERE for more information and to contact us today.

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