Austin newborn photography

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Austin Newborn Photography


You know that feeling you get when your so caught up in what you’re doing that time just flies by? It’s like that great book you don’t want to end or that three-hour movie that felt like 20 mins. That’s how I feel when I’m photographing you and your family. Caught up in the moment. It’s the happiest place on earth for me, documenting you and your family, just as you are now. Wherever that happens to be. I see something so beautiful in front of me that I can’t describe in words, so I photograph it.

Carter. This little doll! She’s just so darling and the perfect example of me getting lost in what I do. I was pretty obsessed with her! It’s easy to see why! She happens to have awesome parents too!

Here’s a fun fact about how I met Carter and her sweet parents. Her grandmother found me on Pinterest! What?!!! Yep, she found me on Pinterest and tracked me down in Austin. So cool, right?!

Miranda and Paul, thank you for sharing your little cupcake with me! And Jill, thanks for finding me on Pinterest 😉

Austin newborn photography

Austin newborn photography

Austin newborn photography

Austin newborn photography

Austin newborn photography

It’s no secret that the family pictures are always my favorite! You and your precious little miracle all snuggled together. It get’s me in the heart every time ya’ll!!!

Carter and her beautiful parents!!!

Austin newborn photography

Amy Odom photography has been doing Austin newborn photography since 2013.

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