South Padre Island

A Trip To South Padre Island


South Padre Island

A Quick Odom Family Getaway.

Every summer we try to sneak in a trip or two with the family but 2020 proved to be difficult to make that happen. Finally, with summer coming to an end and Avery about to start college we decided to make a go for it and booked a reservation in South Padre Island. Ethan took some time off work and made the trip to Texas to go with us. YAY! The whole family all together again.

Well, in true 2020 fashion Ethan started having severe left-sided back pain that landed us in the Emergency Room with him just hours after he arrived. After some fluids, pain medication, and a trip through the CT scanner it was confirmed he had a kidney stone. The doctor told us it would probably take 3-5 days to pass it. GREAT 🙁 So, with that news Ethan decided to forgo the trip with us and stayed home. That was a major bummer and we were going to cancel our trip but he insisted we go anyway. It turned out it was a good call because exactly three days later and a few rough days he passed it.

Despite missing Ethan and worrying about him back home we had a fairly relaxing trip. We spent most of our days socially distancing on the beach or lounging at the pool. I even took a sandcastle making lesson and it turns out it’s a very creative outlet.

Here are a few snaps from around the town.

South Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre Island South Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre Island

Socially Distanced Beaching.

South Padre Island

How Cute Are My Parents?

South Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre Island

Our sandcastle masterpiece.

South Padre Island




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