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Why I Love Engagement Sessions

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(And You Will, Too!)

Engagement sessions are a fun, candid, and relaxed photoshoot where beautiful images are created without all of the stress that can come with a full wedding day.

Engagement sessions add a whole new dynamic to wedding photography. They typically take place at your favorite local spot, a nearby park or your favorite restaurant; at a beach; or maybe even your home. Whatever location you choose, an engagement session is an opportunity for you to connect with each other and get to know your photographer on a more personal level (not to mention getting some great photos that will always remind you of this fun time in your lives).


Six reasons why I love engagement sessions:

  • They’re an opportunity to get to know each other
  • They’re a way to make sure our clients are comfortable in front of the camera
  • They’re a great time to get used to being on camera
  • They’re a fun way for us to get to know our clients, their personalities, and what they genuinely like doing together as a couple – beyond their relationship with the camera!
  • It’s also a great excuse for a date night. Spend the evening with your fiancé(e) in a fun and romantic location. Having an engagement session at a place that means a lot to the two of you will make it even more meaningful, and will result in photographs full of authenticity and joy.
  • use the photos for save the dates, wedding websites, and more.


A great engagement session captures the essence of a couple. It tells their story in a way that is intimate and emotional, and it gives them a keepsake they will cherish for years to come. I love being able to share so much with our clients in one session, and I love the way they come away energized and excited about their upcoming wedding.

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