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 A perfect baby boy makes three just like it was meant to be. So much happiness and love. This beautiful little family was the recipient of the Ambriel Lynn Loza memorial session generously donated by her parents Sarah and Joe. Click here for the details of this very special family. Dream little man. Dream big. […]

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I first met Ginger 12 or so years ago when I was working as a prn nurse in Labor and Delivery at King’s Daughters Hospital in Temple, Texas. If any of you are from around these parts you know this hospital is now McLane Children’s Hospital. Ginger was a nursing student at UMHB at the […]

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  Newborn photographers, it seems there’s one on every block these days. How do you choose? Typically, I find the decision is based on two major points, the photographer’s style and the price tag. Both of these are important to choosing the right photographer for you, but I believe experience, education, and knowledge of how […]

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First of all, what is cord blood banking? At the time of delivery blood is taken from the umbilical cord and stored in a private blood bank for a fee. This blood is rich in stem cells that  has the ability to transform into almost any human cell. Cord blood banking is a way to […]

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It was an early August morning and I was just coming on shift in my bustling Labor and Delivery unit. I walked into the room to introduce myself to my patient for the day and was greeted by the most adorable lady, Victoria, and her husband Kyle. Sometimes, you know in an instant you’re going […]

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Just over a year ago I was contacted by Ashanike to capture her beautiful growing belly in a maternity session. Due to unfortunate circumstances that day never came. Over the course of the last 6 months, I  have been touched by this family with their incredible story. I have had the honor and opportunity to […]


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